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Building Success Together: The Story of The Folio Group

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The Folio Group has been developed as a continuation of the real estate team originally created by Lois Dutton with Ole Schmidt, David Logan and Colin Moorman. We began working together in 2007, which led to Ole and David buying the brokerage, Duttons & Co. Real Estate in 2012.

Lois Dutton worked with us until her untimely passing in October 2019. She instilled the significance of teamwork in us, and today we believe our team concept enables us to successfully leverage our collective expertise and support of each other. This shared value of collaboration ensures our clients receive the highest possible service and get exactly what they need for their own success.

Communication in our industry, or rather the lack thereof, is often cited as the number one complaint and frustration of real estate clients. Often, clients can feel as if they are unable to get ahold of their agent, that that they’re not receiving timely info, or as if they’re being put off because their agent is too busy and may be overwhelmed; it is for these reasons we believe in focusing on strong communication. It is a priority of ours to provide all our agents with strong tools and training to communicate effectively and easily. Ole Schmidt excels in this area and naturally builds on what Lois believed and ingrained within her original team.

Lois Dutton was a superb communicator. She was an educator, and truly loved guiding people on their often complex journey through real estate. Then after the work was complete, when everything was neatly wrapped up, she would reach over and push a big red button next to her desk that called out, “That was easy!” and she would laugh and laugh, every single time, like it was the first time she had ever hit that button.

We work together today as The Folio Group and carry on that legacy. We live and work by the values that are authentic to us, values we know were authentic to both Lois and her husband, Barry Dutton. We live in Fairfield, we own our offices in Fairfield, our families have long histories in Fairfield, our kids go to school in Fairfield, we support our community in Fairfield.

The name The Folio Group has changed from those earlier years, but we work together and create success for our clients, agents, staff, partners in the same way Lois and Barry did. Lois always used to tell us, “just take care of the client, don’t focus on anything else, and everything will always go well”. She was correct.

The Folio Group at Clover Residential, comprised of Ole Schmidt, Hannah Hayworth, Jenny Dyer, with strategic leadership from Alana Fitzpatrick, Brian Ogilvie and David Logan, is structured to help clients get to where they want to be.

It’s your story, your journey. We are experts at guiding, protecting, and supporting you through the complex decisions and emotional sea of feelings when selling your cherished home and/or buying a new home for your next stage in life.

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