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Our Story

Nurturing Connections

Guiding You Through Your Real Estate Journey 

Our story began over 29 years ago, with a commitment to helping homeowners more effectively manage and sell their properties. Over the years, our team has grown, our services have expanded, and our processes have become more sophisticated. However, our dedication to our community is as strong as ever.

Where We Work

Proudly Local

We’re Victoria experts, bringing in-depth knowledge and a passion for each vibrant and unique community to our work every day. We’re rooted in Fairfield and service the neighbouring communities of Oak Bay, James Bay, Downtown, Rockland, Fernwood, Vic West/Songhees, and beyond.

The Clover Way

  • Doing the Right Thing, Always

    Our company’s founders, Lois and Barry Dutton, stressed delivering an unmatched level of service for our clients. They believed in integrity: making principled decisions and acting with honesty, transparency, and consideration for others. Clover’s current owners, David and Ole, adopted this ethos when they joined in 2007, and it continues to guide our whole team in everything we do.

  • Earn Trust—Every Day

    No matter where you are, you can rely on us to take care of your most valuable assets. We’ll act as your strongest advocates, ensuring your wishes are followed, your interests are served, and your property is protected. Driven for client success, we build on our knowledge with continuous learning and aim to improve all that we do.

  • Be a Good Neighbour

    A good neighbour is helpful, friendly, community minded, and right there when you need them. With our office in Fairfield, we’re never far from your home, ready to meet with you, quickly problem solve, and oversee daily management of your residence. Living in the same communities as our clients means we never lose sight of the personal nature of our work, and we take pride in being authentic and approachable professionals you can call at a moment’s notice.

  • Invest in Relationships

    We take on clients who share our values—mutual respect, trust, and open communication—and we nurture these relationships for the long term. The same goes for the tradespeople and industry professionals we partner with, whose skill, integrity, and responsiveness ensure our clients and their tenants receive exceptional service.

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