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We were able to attend the Richard Robbins International (RRI) Conference in Vancouver last month. It was a 3-day event held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel

In our quest to “continuously improve all that we do”, the leaders of our Folio sales group have received personalized coaching from Richard Robbins International for the past 4+ years.

Due to Covid restrictions the last few years, we’ve never had the opportunity to meet our RRI coach, David Yunker, in person. So we were excited to be at the event in Vancouver for three days, as David was able to fly out from Toronto and attend too.

RRI is a Real Estate Coaching and Training Academy, but really it’s so much more than that. It’s centered around developing yourself to your fullest potential, creating higher levels of success in your and your family’s life, then being able to go out and help others – like clients, our brokerage agents, employees – these connections then help create more success in their own lives. It allows us to become better as individuals, then be able to help more people get to where they want to be in their own lives.

There were great speakers at the event. Some local, and others like Joe Polish, were international speakers with decades of experiences to share with us. One of the most surprising things we felt, was how difficult many of the speakers’ individual journeys’ have been on their path to success. Even Richard Robbins was candid about the difficulties he and his family had faced, and how hard he had worked to overcome obstacles. The speakers were authentic, their stories hit home with the audience, and it created an increased sense of belonging to a dedicated group of real estate professionals gathered in a room; all with the goal of helping each other grow and develop.

Relationships and connections were made, with the realization we were part of a very large group of like-minded professionals that we could reach out to at any time to ask for guidance. This is a large aspect of what Richard Robbins promotes – the connections with others and ability to obtain help on any issue – and we found ourselves offering the same to others we just met, which felt even more positive. One of the highlights was being able to have a sit-down breakfast one morning with our coach David Yunker. A 2-hour personal chat that was invaluable.

We came back to Victoria better, with some new ideas, and a goal of increasing our connections within Richard Robbins, and trying to help others more. We are very much looking forward to attending more conferences in the future. If anyone has any questions for us regarding Richard Robbins International, their coaching, video materials, or anything else, please feel free to connect with us HERE.

David Logan

Co-owner & Managing Broker

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