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Is it Difficult to Foster a Culture of Happiness?

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Someone once asked me, “isn’t it difficult to foster a culture of happiness among your staff?” The tone of the question was such that the expected answer was “heck yeah!” The strength of that expectation was so strong that I almost said so without thinking.

Instead, I paused, then replied: “not at all.” While this stunned the person sitting across from me, it made me think carefully about the working culture here at Clover Residential and why it’s so successful.

Hiring Decisions are Based on Authentic Values

How many companies can truly say the values or mission statements framed on their office wall play an integral part in daily decision making?

We strive to add people to our team who whole-heartedly share our values: 

  • We are humbly confident & knowledgeable
  • We are driven for Client success
  • We continuously improve all that we do
  • We are collaborative & creative
  • We do the right thing, always

When you have a team of people who authentically share these values, the opportunities for connection and forward movement is virtually limitless. We take the time to find the “Right People”

Right People, Right Seats

Right people, right seats is a principle that we have implemented from the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) ethos, most notably Traction by Gino Wickman.

(Read more about useful business books here)

Put simply, the right people are those who align with the company’s values; they care about the things we care about, they want to achieve the same goals. The right seat for the right person is the role within the company that best matches their set of skills and personal goals.

When you’re able to match the right person with the right seat, magic can happen.

Clarity of Vision & Expectations

It’s easy to lack motivation if it’s not clear what you’re supposed to be doing let alone why you’re doing it.

It’s essential to be clear with staff why they are here. How is their role valuable and contributing to the larger vision of the company? This needs to be communicated clearly and often for it to be effective.

In addition to the why comes one of my favourite words: processes (I know, nerd-alert! I’m not ashamed). Clearly defined and written down processes are golden. They reduce the mental load on your employees so they can act instead of expend precious energy trying to figure out what they’re supposed to do.

A Cherry on Top: the Secret 4-Day Work Week

In July 2022, we implemented a company-wide 4-day work week. A year and a half later, no one has noticed! Our Clients still receive the same excellent service (I would be confident to say superior service). Our team are well rested and healthier, more energetic and capable of tackling any issues that may arise. They know that they matter to us, and that motivates them to do the same amount of work in four days than they used to do in five.

Maintaining a positive work culture isn’t easy, but it’s simple. Laying down the foundational work of recording processes, establishing clarity of expectations and values, and taking the time to find the right people can help you build a strong, healthy, and happy workforce!  

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